Collaborative Research

The Department of Film Studies participates in a variety of collaborative research projects, including interdisciplinary collaborations with national and international partner institutions as well as collective projects within the department. In addition to the doctoral programs (the NCCR Mediality at UZH’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; the SUC program «Film, Photography, and other Visual Media», with the University of Lausanne), the department is currently involved in the following collaborative projects:

ERC Advanced Grant FilmColors (Project Leader and Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Barbara Flueckiger; Team: Dr. Bregt Lameris, Dr. Giorgio Trumpy, Martin Weiss, Dr. Evelny Echle, PD Dr. Simon Spiegel, MA Joëlle Kost, MA Michelle Beutler, MA Olivia Kristina Stutz, BA Ursina Früh, MA Valentina Romero, Manuel Joller, BSc Noyan Evirgen, BSc Gaudenz Halter)

SNSF Autonomous Film Colors in Animation and Digital Production. An inter-cultural Approach (Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Barbara Flueckiger; Team: MA Megumi Hayakawa, MA Aleksander Koren; Data management: Timeline of Historical Film Colors: MA Sabrina Züger, BA Jamie Lee Moser)

SNSF Film Colors. Technologies, Cultures, Institutions (Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Barbara Flueckiger; Team: MA Noemi Daugaard, MA Josephine Diecke, Data Management Timeline of Historical Film Colors: MA Sabrina Züger, Manuel Joller, Jamie Lee Moser)

SNSF Agora: Presentation and Visualization of Historical Film Colors (Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Barbara Flueckiger; Team: Dr. Eva Hielscher, Curator, Josua Fröhlich, Entwicklung App). In Collaboration with Fotomuseum Winterthur (Nadine Wietlisbach, Direktorin; Doris Gassert, Research Curator) and Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur (John Canciani, Artistic Director; Andreas Bühlmann, Programmer)

ERC Proof of Concept: Development of a New Versatile Archival Film Scanner (VeCoScan): (Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Barbara Flueckiger; Team: Dr. Giorgio Trumpy, Research Scientist; Dr. David Pfluger, Research Scientist, Lutz Garmsen, Diplom Designer)

DIASTOR Bridging the Gap Between Analog Film History and Digital Technology (project manager: Prof. Barbara Flückiger; research team at the Department of Film Studies: Dr. Franziska Heller, Dr. Claudy Op den Kamp, Dr. David Pfluger, Brigitte Paulowitz, Kristina Jungic, Manuel Joller).

Early Cinema Colloquium (project managers: Prof. Jörg Schweinitz, Zurich; Prof. Frank Kessler, Utrecht; Prof. Martin Loiperdinger, Trier; researchers: doctoral candidates and postdocs at the Department of Film Studies and at the partner universities of Utrecht (Netherlands) and Trier (Germany)).

Interdisciplinary research project «Schizophrenia»: Reception, Semantic Shift, and Criticism of a Concept in the 20th Century (project managers: Prof. Paul Hoff, Prof. Angelika Linke, Prof. Jakob Tanner, Prof. Margrit Tröhler; researcher in the film studies sub-project: Dr. Veronika Rall)

Alternative Worlds in the Politically Activist Documentary, funded by the SNSF (project manager: Prof. Margrit Tröhler; researchers: Dr. Simon Spiegel, lic. phil. Andrea Reiter)