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Department of Film Studies

Joint Digital Humanities Fund

A trilateral cooperation between Freie Universität Berlin, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the University of Zurich


Project leaders

Prof. Dr. Barbara Flueckiger,UZH

Prof. Dr. Hermann Kappelhoff, FU Berlin

Prof. Dr. Michael Wedel, FU Berlin

Dr. Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartmann, Hebrew University Jerusalem

More and more, digital methods are becoming central to research and teaching in the humanities and in film studies in particular. To date, there is still a lack of international cooperation and standardization.

The Joint Digital Humanities Fund is conceived as a pioneering investigation and intends to rethink film theory and analysis with the help of advanced digital tools on three intersected levels that help to rethink film studies and its elements (film aesthetics, film theory and film history) through the lens of Digital Humanities. 

  • Film Aesthetics in the Digital Age (aesthetic and theoretical implications)
  • Digital Methods of Film Analysis and their Limitations (analytic and methodological implications)
  • Practices of Digital Film Analysis (practical and technological implications)

These topics will structure the program of the collaboration and establish a framework for rethinking the potential and limitations of digital film analysis. Our goal is, on the one hand, to reflect about the transformation of film and audio-visual culture studies through digital technologies on various levels (ranging from changes in the materiality of film to the study of various forms of audio-visual media). On the other hand, we want to exchange experience, knowledge and ideas to establish the longterm cooperation and collaboration in further developing, testing and using digital methods and tools.

Two workshops with the teams of Cinepoetics at FU Berlin and the Department of Film Studies at UZH took place in Zurich and Berlin respectively in fall 2019. Future workshops are planned with all three partners at Hebrew University Jerusalem for fall 2020.


Cinepoetics – Center for Advanced Film Studies FU Berlin

Department of Communication and Journalism HU Jerusalem