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Department of Film Studies


Research Profile

Research at the Department of Film Studies encompasses a broad range of themes pertaining to film and its contexts of reception. Aesthetical, historical, and theoretical issues are explored from a liberal arts/cultural studies perspective. Individual and collaborative research projects fall into three general areas, which inevitably overlap:

Film history (including historiography) and film theory (including the history of theory):

  • basic research in film history, film theory, and conceptual history
  • the historiography of film and the history of discourses on film 
  • the history of film exhibition and reception in a variety of contexts

Aesthetics and technologies

  • visual, narrative, and pragmatic aspects of film and its reception, from cinema to recent media platforms
  • film in the context of other arts, popular media, and gender discourses
  • genres of fiction, documentary, experimental, and non-theatrical film

National heritage and transnational circulation

  • cinematic heritage, especially in Switzerland
  • material, technical, and economic aspects of film, cinema, and recent mobile contexts of reception
  • problems of film digitization, presentation, and archiving

Thematic priorities are set through the launch of or participation in larger research projects. At present, key research areas are:

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Research database UZH

All research projects of the Department of Film Studies are listed in the Research database of UZH, with abstracts in English.

For more on the general research approaches of the Department of Film Studies…

see the German-language article:
Jörg Schweinitz, Margrit Tröhler: Filmwissenschaft – eine Disziplinin Kontiniutät und fortgesetztem Wandel. In: Augenblick. Marburger Hefte zur Medienwissenschaft, Heft 52 (Positionen und Perspektiven der Filmwissenschaft), 2012, S. 14–21.