Film Education

The Department of Film Studies is also committed to film education outside of academia. To further a general understanding of the medium of film, the department offers a variety of film education courses to anyone wishing to develop their competence in dealing with film, whether for professional, educational, or private purposes.

A central goal is to equip teachers of all levels and subject areas with fundamental knowledge about the essence, effects, and history of film, in order to enable them to share this knowledge with children and teenagers in the classroom.

Just like reading written language, the competent reading of moving images and sounds is an essential skill in today’s media landscape. Children and teenagers as well as adults ought to learn how to enjoy and critique audiovisual media in a nuanced way.

In addition to the existing course offerings, introductory courses (Basics of Film Culture, Insights into Film History, Introduction to Film Analysis) or courses tailored to specific needs (Film and History, Film and Literature, Film and the Arts) are available on request.

For up-to-date information on current courses, see the German version of this website.