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Seminar für Filmwissenschaft

ENCHANTING ARCHITECTURE – expanding the film experience out of the black box

Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Nebula, 2024. Single-channel video, multi-channel audio, color, sound, 33’. Commissioned and produced by Fondazione In Between Art Film, and co-produced by Studio Giorgio Andreotta Calò, for the exhibition Nebula, 2024. Courtesy of the artist; Fondazione In Between Art Film; Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam; Galleria ZERO..., Milan; Sprovieri, London.

What if expanded cinema would not only refer to cinema projection as a performative, physical object in space, but to the exportation of the immaterial experience of film outside the black box into the urban space or landscape?
Along this experimental line, with the curation of Fabienne Liptay (University of Zurich) and Giuseppe Di Salvatore (Filmexplorer), we launch a series of events and meetings in Venice around the Art Biennale and other video exhibitions.

The first event will be a walk-and-talk with the artist Giorgio Andreotta Calò showing his film «Nebula» in the homonymous exhibition commissioned and produced by Fondazione In Between Art Film at the Complesso dell’Ospedaletto. From the exhibition space to the island of Sant’Andrea in the Venice lagoon, we’ll discuss topics like the more-than-human perspectives, enchanted vision, terrain vague.
The event is supported by the SNSF project Exhibiting Film: Challenges of Format and facilitated by Fondazione In Between Art Film.

More info and publications coming soon after this workshop event on 9 July 2024