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Seminar für Filmwissenschaft

Prof. Dr. Barbara Flückiger erhält den SMPTE-Award

« My admiration goes out to all the women who are persisting in male dominated fields. In culture, society, politics and academia. » –Prof. Dr. Barbara Flückiger

In recognition of her outstanding research focused on the digitization and restoration of archival color films. Flueckiger’s research on the interaction between technology and aesthetics led to the creation of the interactive digital platform, Timeline of Historical Film Colors, which identifies the characteristics of each color and how different digital scanners reproduce them – an invaluable tool for those working to reproduce in digital the exact colors of analogue film. – SMPTE (2022)



The James A. Lindner Archival Technology Medal, established in 2012 and sponsored by James A. Lindner, honors the recipient by recognizing significant technical advancements or contributions related to the invention or development of technology, techniques, workflows, or infrastructure for the long-term storage, archive or preservation of media.

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James A. Lindner Archival Technology Medal für Prof. Dr. Barbara Flückiger