Studentische Hilfskraft für VIAN-DH

Job description: Manual video annotation
The Department of German Studies, University of Zürich invites an application for a Student Assistant position to join the VIAN-DH project lead by Prof. Noah Bubenhofer.

The project VIAN-DH is searching for a Student Assistant for manual annotation of pointing gestures in video recordings of human interactions, using annotation software ELAN. Using ELAN infrastructure, videos need to be viewed attentively and segments where pointing gestures occur need to be marked. The person will be expected to report to other project members regarding the annotation process.

Responsibilities and tasks:
• Marking gestures of videos using the provided annotation structure
• Saving and safely archiving annotation files in a shared folder
• Writing report on the annotation process and brief documentation

• Enrolled student of linguistics or a close field at University of Zurich (BA or MA)
• Experience with video annotation software desirable but not mandatory
• Familiarity with data annotation
• Good computer skills
• Attention to details
• Good communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills
• Self-reliance, integrity, and creativity

VIAN-DH project:
VIAN is an innovative video annotation software. In VIAN-DH, we are expanding the use of VIAN to linguistic fields using videos in research, such as interactional linguistics or conversation analysis. The project aims at implementing current tools for image and speech recognition, as well as grammatical annotation for automatic processing of video materials through an intuitive graphical interface. In the current phase of the project, models for automatic gesture extraction are being developed, which will be based on the manual annotations created by the Student Assistant.

Please send a short application (cover letter, short CV) to Teodora Vuković. She also can be contacted for further information:

Deadline is open until filled, reviews start on April 11 2022.

Simon Spiegel