Giorgio Trumpy

Giorgio Trumpy, Dr.

Research Scientist im ERC Advanced Grant FilmColors

Tel.: + 41 [0] 44 634 58 07

Curriculum vitae

Studies in Cultural Heritage Science at University of Florence begun in 2000. In 2006 started working on projects related to Color Science and Digital Imaging. At Institute of Applied Physics in Florence focused on non-invasive analysis of paintings with Fiber Optic Reflectance Spectroscopy and Hyper-Spectral Reflectance Imaging.

In 2010 started PhD project at Imaging & Media Lab in Basel, designing optical setup for digital restoration of photographs and motion-picture films. In 2012 intern at Image Permanence Institute in Rochester-NY, developing specific illumination and imaging techniques to effectively highlight decay phenomena of film ( During 2013-2014 teacher assistant at University of Basel (“Historical Photography and Darkroom“), and periodically collaborated with UZH for research project DIASTOR.

In 2014 founded 8mmezzo, association for recovery and preservation of home movies in Tuscany.

For two years (2014-2016) postdoc fellow in Imaging Science at National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, designing spectral imaging methodologies for works of art.

Currently research scientist at UZH within the ERC project filmcolors.

Publication list

Seminars, workshops, lectures (extern)

2016 · Gjøvik (N), Mar-Apr/30-1 · Colour Photo Digitization - Norwegian University of Science and Technology · I.“Light source criteria for color film digitization”, II.“Color photo digitization and analysis - best practices at the National Gallery of Art”, III.“Spectral imaging for the reproduction and the reconstruction of color film material”, · 3 lectures during workshop
2016 · Zurich (CH), Apr/5 · Seminar für Filmwissenschaft - University of Zurich · “Color film digitization - Light source criteria and Spectral Imaging applications” · presentation
2014 · Zurich (CH), June/6 · DIASTOR-Workshop - University of Zurich · “A statistical method for the extraction of the analytical densities of color films” · presentation
2014 · Munich (D), June/4 · ARRI Archive Workshop - ARRI AG · “Optical Detection of Dust and Scratches on Photographic Film” · seminar
2014 · Joensuu (FIN), Apr/2 · Early Stage Researcher’s Think Tank - Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage (COSCH) · “A statistical method for the spectroscopic analysis of photographic color processes” · presentation
2013 · Basel (CH), Mar/19 · Imaging & Media Lab - University of Basel · “Countless different methods of illuminating the photographic film - different purposes - different results” · seminar
2013 · Rochester (NY-USA), Jan/10 · Munsell Color Science Laboratory - Rochester Institute of Technology · “Computational photography for dust and scratch detection on transparent photographic material” · seminar
2012 · Basel (CH), June/12 · Réseau cinéma CH - University of Basel · “Optik” · lecture
2012 · Bern (CH), Jan/12 · Lichtspiel/Kinemathek · “Detection of dust and scratches on motion pictures films” · seminar
2011 · Basel (CH), June/29-30 · Réseau cinéma CH - University of Basel · “Digital color management” · workshop
2010 · Bressanone (I), June/23 · ICC Color Experts Day - International Color Consortium · “Digital reproduction of small gamut objects: a profiling procedure based on custom color targets” · presentation
2010 · Gjøvik (N), June/8 · Colour Research for European Advanced Technology Employment (CREATE) conference · “Color imaging for digital reproductions: spatial resolution & color accuracy” · workshop
2009 · Gargnano (I), Oct/20 · Colour Research for European Advanced Technology Employment (CREATE) conference · “2-dimensional digital imaging of artworks: general aspects and the issue of colour accuracy” · workshop
2008 · Florence (I), Apr/30 · Firenze Tecnologia - Agency of the Chamber of Commerce · “Teoria del colore e colorimetria” (en. Color theory and colorimetry) · lecture
2007 · Pisa (I), Sept/26 · 93rd National Convention of the Italian Society of Physics (SIF) · M. Bacci, M. Picollo, G. Trumpy, D. Kunzelman - “Sulla possibilità di datare dipinti moderni mediante spettroscopia di riflettanza a fibre ottiche” (en. The possibility of dating modern paintings by means of fiber optic reflectance spectroscopy) · scientific communication